3 Day Programming

9 Week Program - 3 Days per Week

You’re a busy person. You don’t have seven days a week to go to the gym. You want to maximize the three days every week you CAN devote to fitness. This 9 week hypertrophy/strength program consists of three progressive periods to help you overcome plateauing and maximize strength and muscle gains. With just three days a week, you can transform your body and reach new strength you never knew was possible.

-Beginner/Intermediate Gym Experience needed
-Commerical Gym Access Needed
-Not intended for Pregnant Women, or those 65 and older.

Program Ebook includes nine weeks of:
—Workout-Specific Warmups
—Periodized Full-Body Workouts
—Programmed Conditioning
—Core Training Circuits

Approx. workout length: 1hr

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